Share to Brave doesn't work on iOS

In short, if I try to share a page from the interested iOS browser (Safari or integrated into any app) to Brave, Brave opens but only shows me the last page I visited and therefore doesn’t actually ‘share’ anything

Clarification: this is only if I click the ‘share’ link to Brave from within the normal ‘share’ button. If, for example, I have a website in my Gmail email, if I hold my finger over that it’ll open up its own text-based menu (Open, Add to reading list, Copy, Share) and if I choose ‘Share’ in there and not the graphical share icon (the box with the up arrow), it will work.

Am not sure I understand the issue correctly.

cc: @michal and @anon1255531

@polishprocessors Does this happen inside any app you try to share a link to Brave, or only specific applications?

The simplest way to show is via screenshots, but I actually discovered where the share goes.

Say I’m on in Safari. If I want to open that in Brave I’d expect to be able to hit the share button and the ‘Open in Brave’ button. If I do that, however, while it opens Brave it doesn’t actually open reddit, instead only showing the last page I had open in Brave. In looking now to get you the screenshots I realized that’s because it opens a new tab but doesn’t actually show that tab-I have to go down to tabs and open it manually.

This works correctly (Share opens Brave and opens the shared page) sometimes if Brave was just open, but if I hard close (double-tap and shut the program down) or just haven’t used Brave in a while. Does that help?

This happens with any app which is using an integrated web browser. If I’m in the Reddit app, for example, and click a link but want to open it in Brave, this happens. Again, sometimes it’ll work if I just had Brave open, but if I want to recreate the issue as described, if I close the Brave app fully and then try to use the ‘Open in Brave’ share option, it always just opens another, hidden, tab and shows me the last page I had open in Brave.

This isn’t a solution so much as an expansion on what’s going on. It looks like Brave, when re-opened after being actually closed/quit, recreates your last session after creating the new tab and so shows the old tab(s) in the foreground. How one changes that is a mystery to me.

Now that you mention it, yes, it sounds like that’s what’s happening. Now hopefully Brave can figure out how to fix it…

This happens in all of my versions of Brave, actually, iOS, macOS, and Windows. If Brave isn’t already open, my last session opens on top of the new link’s tab/window.

Thanks for the information, we’ll investigate this more and see if we can get something released here.

This is fixed, and will be included in the next release. Here is the GitHub ticket associated with it.

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