Brave IOS - Link Sharing not working for some sites

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When I try to share a link to Web page using “Share with…” for it rarely works. Symptoms inlcude either sending a link to the homepage of that site rather than the full article link or other times it sends a linked from a different (previously visitied) website.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Browse a few different sites in IOS brave
  2. Open:
  3. Browse a few articles on that newspaper
  4. Go to … “Share with…” Site to share will not be the article page you are on.

Expected result:
Link to share should be the article page that you are on.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest IOS version

Mobile Device details
iphone 8 Plus

Additional Information:
I have cookies disabled for this site


I’m having the same issue. It seems to be happening more than half of the time.

Me too since updating to iOS14.5.

Hitting a link in Tweetbot opens Brave but doesn’t populate the window with the link (its okay if I set Safari as the browser for Tweetbot). Likewise if I share a link from Safari to Brave while it switches browser the link does not populate.

I thought it might be app tracking related, but it happened also with tracking turned on

Hi there @Lian, @afk37212 and @CheeseBlunder welcome to community :blush:

I have taken a look at your issue and this is something the brave team is working on.
I would recommend that if this issue still persists, on the IOS devices if you hold down on the url a prompt would pop up asking for “Copy Address” which you can then use to paste and share.
Let me know if this works for you and anyone else in this thread.


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Thanks for the response and hopefully this gets resolved very quickly. Also, while the workaround is useful for some, it doesn’t work when other apps use the url used in the “share with” function to import it directly. With some of these apps, it’s not as easy as “copy and paste”, if it’s possible at all.


Hi again @afk37212,

Is your issue the same as listed above?
What apps have you noticed this issue?


@SaltyBanana I’m only recognizing this bug occurring in Brave. One of the apps I’m referring to is called AnyList. Once it’s installed, an “AnyList Recipe Import” button is added to the iOS “share” options…. thus, available under the “share with” menu in Brave.

The bug causes an error in the other app because Brave is not using the correct URL.

This was just the first app example I found. However, using any of the “share with” options replicates the same behavior of capturing the wrong URL (Messages, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Notes, etc). With these, your workaround can work albeit just annoying.

@afk37212 I understand your frustration.
I have a few more questions.
Would you be able to share a screenshot or short video of this error?
Does it give you an import failed error and provide you a list of other sites that may have recipes?
Also have you tried removing turning off shields and/or cookies?
Give that a try and let me know.


Hi - has any progress been made on this issue? It is extremely frustrating as I struggle to share links from IOS Brave from many websites. It constantly fails to update the link to be shared with the full page displayed in the URL bar and instead tries to share the root webpage for that site or a cached page from a previously visitied site. This share function is clearly broken and needs to be fixed.

iOS screenshot attached, showing Brave v1.25 navigated to, but the sharing URL is (the page I was on before tapping a link to go to the techbeacon page).

Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide :smiley_cat:

Hi there @Lian, the issue has been reported and the Dev team is working to resolve the issue.

Salty :banana:

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I actually stopped having the issue with the release of 1.25.

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