BUG : can’t find my downloads

I would like to inform you about a bug on Brave browser on iPadOS :

I can’t download anything from the web, the file is not in the download repertory… It is not on the original download repertory as Safari as well. Where is it then ? I can’t find anything I downloaded…

Can somebody fix this bug, or can somebody tell me where are the files downloaded ? Thanks.

Wherever you saved it to. iOS makes everything go through them. So it will be in Files on your iPad, not anywhere in Brave or anything. I know on my iPhone I have to go to FilesOn My iPhoneBraveDownloads and then I can see what I’ve downloaded.

Where have you been looking?

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve been looking on : Files / Downloads and Files / Brave / Downloads. And they are neither on those repertories… Very weird. It’s a bug on iPad !