Brawe rewards : uphold error

My account appears to be linked on uphold but not on brave rewards please help.

Uphold image
Brave image

Not able to view. Anyway, if you mean its showing up in Integrations at Uphold and not in brave browser.
I’ll ask you what region you are from ?
If you are not from any one listed at

Then that’s why your case.

I am from turkey. Brave rewards are not supported in Turkey, so why?

Brave rewards are supported, now it even supports Uphold verification in Turkey.
Check for yourself at

in the picture he took is Uphold

The same issue on my end: integration at Uphold showing up, but not in Brave Rewards. Uphold account is validated, my country is not restricted. I use VPN - can it have anything to do with the matter?

Could be the VPN if you’re using it to go inta an unsupported region. Could you cancel Brave rewards in integrations at Uphold and try Verifying with VPN being off?

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