today i used duck duck go to look for brave’s homepage, and the top hit i got initially was https[:]//www[.]bravebrowsers[.]com. is this site legit? it looked almost like a template. i don’t recall the exact terms i used, but it was something like “brave browser”.

rerunning searches now, it’s moving further and further down the results, so hopefully this is a non issue; i just wanted to give ya’ll a heads up in case it isn’t.

Hi @ratmav,

Wow thanks a bunch for bringing this to our attention. This is definitely not a legit Brave site. Will handle. Thank you!!

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fwiw the url behind the download button, https[:]//laptop-updates[.]brave[.]com/download/BRA848 seems to be subdomain of brave proper. i curled that url, and it took a hot minute, and wound up timing out (503) a varnish cache.