Strange Brave Browser website

Hi guys,

I just found a strange (fake ?) Brave Browser website, hosted somewhere in Vietnam :

No SSL certificate, the Download button redirects to a URL (that redirects to an affiliate link).

In the best of the cases, it is a bad site created by a newbie fan who makes us bad publicity. In the worst case, maybe there’s a fraud I didn’t see.

Contacts here :

@Mattches @sampsonI think THAT’S FAKE WEBSITE
it seems that online sca mmers have made fake “brave” site

  • Original Brave’s website has special font. This site hasn’t it.
  • Connection to website isn’t secure, it has no certificate
  • A lot of links on this site are broken
  • Some parts of site are in another language
  • BUT: Download link redirects you to official Brave site

I think sca mmers created fake “brave” site to display ads on hidden parts of it and get paid from advertisers (like city of edmonoton news sca m)image

On fake site, all links are blank or broken (except main page)

It’s not a sca m proper, nor is it phishing. When you click “download”, you get redirected to Brave’s official website (genuine SSL certificate) adding a referral code — which is now useless because the referral program is over.

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