Brave WordPress plugin is a risk - Why?

I’m reposting this since I don’t know how to re-open the other one & not ONE PERSON from Brave responded - WOW

I don’t know if this is the right forum to post this in, but can someone tell me why the brave plugin (I can’t even remember what it does) was removed from WordPress.

Update: Even WordFence recently says to remove it. I finally deactivated it.



@OurFreeSociety That’s because you went 30 days without saying anything, so it locked. On top of that, nothing you said really applies to Brave. Your topic, Brave removed from WordPress was saying Brave was removed. However, Brave itself isn’t removed from WordPress. You’re speaking of a plugin. But to my knowledge, there’s no “Brave” plugin made by Brave.

I mean, seriously, what are you speaking about? You referring to ? Or you referencing something that goes by “Brave” but has nothing to do with Brave Browser, such as ?

Neither of the two plugins I linked are not made by Brave and nothing to do with them. So why would you expect there to be much of a response on you asking about someone else’s product on someone else’s platform? Brave has nothing to do with any of it, so what do you expect?

Which may be the issue too. I mean, if you have a way of showing what it is you are speaking about, it might help. Otherwise it’s just sounding like you installed something that had “Brave” in it and somehow thought it was something to do with Brave Browser. Perhaps you’ll share and educate me on something I am unaware, but this is a good place to start…

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Thanks for being such a KIND LOVING HUMAN BEING - NOT!!!

  1. What else am I supposed to add to a thread that no one is responding to? So I should add text to it just to keep it open when no on is responding? Yeh right. It was already bumped twice.

  2. If you don’t know your OWN PLUGINS, don’t come on here & give me attitude. Unless you are saying you are NOT Brave International & this has nothing to do with the browser brave & rewards.

  1. All you had to do was just ask me for the name of the plugin, a link to it or a SS because you weren’t aware of what I was referring to & NOT talk down to me as if I’m a little child & a m.o.ron which I’m not.

  2. Lastly, I DID use the word PLUGIN in my first thread. I’m sorry you are unable to read what I said.

No need to respond back if you are going to act in such a nasty way again.


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