Brave won't open on Windows desktop

Have used Brave successfully until now. Now it won;t open.No error message, just won’t open.I uninstalled and re-installed, but no good.Sadly having to use Chrome again. Desktop is Windows 10,

Hi @Hunterslight, thanks for reporting. Did this just begin with the latest update? Still an issue? Can you send a screenshare of what happens when you attempt to click on the icon? Thank you in advance.

Thank you. It’s just happened today. I clicked the Brave icon, which usually opens Brave. No response at all. Right clicking then, click open , again no response. So there’s nothing of which to take a screenshot .(I’m away from my PC at present, so replying on my Android tablet, where I don’t have Brave. I can go to the PC tomorrow. )


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Tuesday-Brave opened now without any problem ! Let’s hope the problem is solved without further trouble. Meanwhile, thanks for your willingness to help.

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