Brave won't open

Good day folks, so I turned back on Windows Security and Bitdefender(anti-virus) and suddenly, Brave won’t open at all, after hitting the logo, nothing happens.

So I tried reverting it back to the state when Brave was still functional, it looked this way and this, so I basically turned of “App and Browser Control” and “Virus and threat protection” in Windows Security and turned off Bitdefender, but Brave doesn’t open. I planned to do a reinstall, but I haven’t connected it yet to a wallet, so my BAT would most likely be gone.

I wonder what might be the fix for this.

Brave Version:

Additional Information:
So tried checking task manager, and Brave wasn’t running there at all.


May be it is blocked by firewall.

If not, open C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application , start Brave from there.


Hello CerealLover,

I have checked, and it is not blocked by the firewall, if this is what you mean.

I also tried locating it to Brave’s Main Directory and opened the app as administrator, but unfortunately, still no result.

So I thought, is it possible to save those BAT even though I haven’t linked it to any wallet as long as I do clean reinstall and

Any way around this?

Actually, I really don’t know how this works but like I unchecked and checked Brave in the Firewall and now I can open Brave. I even turned back Windows Security and Bitdefender again, and still functioning. So that fix seal the deal.

Thanks CerealLover, Have a good day.

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