Brave won't open on MacOS bigsur 11.6. Please HELP!

**Description of the issue:

I turned on my computer and the Brave icon in my toolbar has a big white circle with dash over it now. It will no longer open and when I click on it I get a popup message that says:

“You can’t open the application ‘Brave Browser’ because this application is not supported on Mac.’”

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): Turn on my computer

**Actual Result: Brave will not open

**Expected result no idea

**Reproduces how often: every time

Operating System and Brave Version: I have MacOSX version 11.6, I do not know my Brave version because I cannot open it

**Additional Information: I have saved passwords and about $10,000 worth of IP in my Brave extensions. How to I save or extract that information in the event this problem cannot be fixed I have to switch to a different Brand?

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