Brave won't open if i press on a link on an app

brave doesn’t seem to open whenever i click on a link on an app (like discord for example) despite brave being my default web browser, i tested with other web browsers (microsoft edge) as the default instead and there was no problem, any idea what i can do to get brave to open up ?

  1. Go to Settings: Apps: Defaults app and double-check that they’re correct.
  2. Press Windows+R and type
    3a. If Example website opened in Edge, then click the Reset Defaults button in the Windows settings app and reselect your preferred apps as default.
    3b. If Example website opened in Brave then install EdgeDeflector and try opening links from your apps again.

Hi, do you still have an old Brave version of the current one installed on your PC?

If yes: Maybe the old version is still active as the default browser, and there could be problems.

If No: Which version of Brave are you currently using (the most recent is 0.57.18)?

i’ve made sure brave is the default
attempting to use Windows + R for the example resulted in a “application not found” error message

turns out there was another version of brave, though after removing the older version and making sure that the up to date brave was the default, the problem is still present, and i’m currently using 0.57.18

Did you type exactly what I wrote? Including https://?



That looks like a protocol association database corruption. Try resetting your defaults using the reset button as I suggested above.

resetting defaults didn’t really do anything, though i managed to resolve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling it. links work fine from discord and window + r also comes up with brave now

thanks for trying anyways, i guess the old version must’ve messed up the defaults or something.

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Hi, I actually wanted to recommend you to reinstall, because the application was not found. :grin:

But I didn’t mind, my last contributions also recommended a new installation.

It’s nice that everything works for you again :sunglasses:

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