Brave windows still showing up after I close them on MacOS

Description of the issue:
I use a dock replacement Application called UBar that shows open windows on mouseover of the application. When I mouse over the Brave application, it shows windows that I have already closed as being active, suggesting that they are still running in the background. To emphasise, this is not an issue with UBar, since it works without a single issue with every other application (including chrome and other browsers) and correctly displays the currently active windows. Additionally, UBar displays the number of active windows next to each process and this does not decrease when I “close” a window, resulting in it showing brave as having dozens of open windows.

See screenshot/gif of the issue here:

The fact that UBar is picking up these windows means that somewhere, they are still stored/being run, which I definitely do not want (privacy???). These windows are not shown in either brave task manager nor when right-clicking the brave icon in the regular dock. Please don’t reply with, “just uninstall UBar then” or “not our issue” because it very clearly is your problem, since Chrome nor any other application have this issue.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install UBar
  2. Open Brave
  3. Open a couple new windows
  4. Close said windows except one
  5. Mouse over the Brave icon to see all the windows you just closed still running

Expected result:
For windows to completely stop existing after being closed, and for the number of active windows to decrease.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.4.96 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

  • Upon quitting and restarting Brave, the number of active windows is displayed correctly (just one active window).
  • MacOS Mojave
  • UBar version 4.1.5

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Yes, although I restarted my browser with all of them uninstalled and the effect was the same. I doubt any of them are the root of the issue.

  • 1Password
  • Avast Online Security
  • Editor for Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Floating for Youtube Extension
  • Google Calendar
  • Grammarly for Chrome
  • Honey
  • Tampermonkey
  • The Great Suspender
  • Ugly Email
  • Vimium

Any status updates or news on this?

Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, while you don’t have to uninstall Ubar, you may have to file an issue with their support. Since it’s a 3rd party extension there’s not a ton that we can do about it on our end.

You may want to check and see if it’s a permissions issue on macOS? Check and see if Brave and Ubar both have full disk access and/or accessibility access.

Sure, I’ll file an issue with UBar’s support too. Just letting you guys know if, for some reason, Brave isn’t disposing of the closed windows properly, which would explain why the closed windows are showing up as active in UBar.

Also, I happened across another user who ran into the same problem as me after an update back in 2018: Closed windows still show up as open in open window list (uBar app). So this is not a permissions issue on my part (both apps have full access), but likely something implemented in that December 2018 update.

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