Closed windows still show up as open in open window list (uBar app)

I use the uBar launcher, and have noticed a weird behavior since updating Brave recently: Brave windows that are closed appear in uBar’s active windows list as if they were still open.

Closing Brave and re-opening it gets rid of any current “phantom” windows in the open windows list, but they accumulate again as more windows are opened.

This may be a glitch with uBar, but I have not seen the glitch occur with any application other than Brave, and have only seen it since recently updating Brave - so I thought I’d mention it here. (I did also report the behavior to Brawer software, who make uBar).

Just FYI, in case it helps.

After I open new windows for a while, the application freezes (leaving a big grey window open that does nothing), and I have to force-quit and then restart.

If there’s some problem with windows not being properly disposed of (and that’s why Brave crashes), maybe that’s also why they’re showing up in my launcher.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot?

Sure thing. Notice in the lower left hand corner, there’s a whole list of windows. And note that only the window for this thread is actually open.

Here is another example. Note how all the window icons are just showing up as the Brave icon. The normal behavior is that it shows previews of all open windows. But there’s nothing to preview, apparently.

I assure you - there’s only the one browser window open (the one from this thread), but the windows I opened and then closed out of from this current browser session still show up in lists. They’ll stay until I quit Brave and relaunch.

Thanks for the additional info, appreciate the thoroughness.
I’m not familiar with the uBar app but I’ll test this on my end today and get back to you. Lots going on so I apologize for the late response times.

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