Brave will not let me verify with Gemini, and I cannot use Bitflyer

I cannot use Bitflyer as I am not in japan. But brave will NOT LET ME USE ANY OTHER SERVICE.

Literally, none are offered. I have a Gemini account but Brave will not let me verify my account with it. And Bitflyer cannot verify anyone outside of japan.

How do I get Brave to verify me with Gemini or another service that can verify someone from New Zealand?

New Zealand is supported by Uphold. Did you try it?

I can’t because Brave will literally not even give me the option.

Open brave://rewards-internals/

Click on the “Ad Diagnostics” tab

Check what it is shown in “locale”. Does it show en_NZ?

It shows en_US instead

2022-08-08 21_36_39-Rewards Internals - Brave

Then you need to change the locale of your device.
It depends on the operating system you are using.
I also recommend that you change the language in brave://settings/.

My language in Brave is English (New Zealand)

and my system Locale is New Zealand. Restarting my PC (windows) doesn’t fix it.

And if after that it still does not work, your last option is to open a support ticket

Thanks, I was hoping for something like that here. I’ll give them a buzz

forget about verification I cannot claim brave rewards even after having an unverified account and your payout status is showing that claims are available for unverified accounts. why is this happening

We are all suffering from this “Claim” trouble this month :frowning:
Some do not get the claim button, others get it but it does not work.

Brave did not announce any solution yet

Found a way to get it done:
1: Close Brave.
2: Open Preferences file inside %AppData%\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default
3: Find the countryid_at_install key.
4: Change it to another ID. US (21843).
5:Launch Brave and check.

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