Brave Wallet: Tor Hidden Services support, Chia Network support, Mixer Support, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Oxen and Firo support

I have noticed that the Brave Wallet has a lack of support for privacy coins along with the new Chia network being largely absent. I would define a privacy coin as a coin with an opaque blockchain that is capable of hiding who sent the coins, who recieved them and in what amount. The most important example is Monero, although other important coins in the catagory of privacy coins are Oxen due to its use in supporting and incentivising the Service Nodes that run the Lokinet onion router and Session instant messenger. Wownero is a fork of monero with the capability of researching and deploying new protocols in service of an opaque blockchain that Monero would need more time to adopt. Firo is a unique privacy coin since it allows people to permenantly destroy Firo and redeem the cryptographic proof generated in that process to create new Firo with no history attached to them. I would also like to see mixers implemented in Chia, Ethereum and Solana Mixer contracts to provide privacy and anonymity to Brave Wallet users and other wallets that integrate them. These contracts can also provide Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Filecoin mixers through the use of multi signature wallets that can only send money by majority vote. The coins go into the multi signature wallet through the bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin/filecoin mainnet and the transaction request and verification goes in via the eithereum/solana/chia mainnet. Then the smart contract then sends all of the coins to their intended recipiants all as one transaction, thus saving large amounts of money in transaction fees and increasing the privacy of each participant. To prevent excessive transaction fees, the fee to send money is capped at 6%, with the transaction fees going to the executors of the smart contract for the use of their bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin/filecoin nodes. Lastly many coins support remote nodes over Tor. This should be added to the brave wallet to protect privacy. To protect wallets against loss, the password protected encrypted backup should be backed up to the Brave SYNC servers. There should also be an 8 digit TOPT code using a 512 character secret using UNICODE-16 Lowercase and Uppercase letters, Numbers, Emojis, Special Characters and Japanese scripts as a secret.

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