Brave vs Chrome and Xenforo Forum

When trying to access a Xenforo Forum with Brave & Chrome, and trying to post a thread. In Chrome, it works normally, but in Brave v07.121, the post page doesn’t allow any post to be made, only the title, the area where the post should be made, is there, but Brave doesn’t allow it to be posted into. I’ve had the same problem on the Xenforo Community Forum, as well as one of my own Xenforo Forums.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you clarify a bit about the issue?

This part in particular confuses me – are you saying that you can’t post to the forum, or that you can’t type/enter input into the text areas?

Isn’t that the same thing? The input page appears. I can input the title, but cannot input the content of a post. In Chrome, you get the input field to input. But in Brave it’s not accessible. I get the impression, that if that was accessible for posting, the rest of it would work like in Chrome. Since Xenforo is a major Forum software, I would have expected this would have been reported already. I run several Xenforo forums, and I cannot use Brave for posting any messages. It’s a real PITA, remembering to switch to Chrome for posting messages.

Testing on my end, I was able to create an account and post to the forum without issue – using Brave stable (v0.70.121) on both macOS and Windows OS using default Shields settings.

Can you tell me what your Shields settings are set to on the site?

Sorry. I just had an operation. How do I get the Brave Shield Settings for any one website?

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