Brave tries to execute a setup.exe file without user interaction


my antivirus blocked an attempt from Brave to execute a setup file in the windows temp directory.

Why is Brave trying to install something without my consent?

Thank you for reaching out. Did you already have Brave installed on your machine?

hi mattches
yes I have brave installed on my machine…

Thank you, can you also tell me which AV flagged Brave?

Kaspersky Internet Security

Thanks for the information. We have had issues with AV companies flagging Brave - Kaspersky in particular - as malicious. We’ve been working to ensure that we get whitelisted across the board but things can take time.

ok thanks for the information. i hope it gets whitelisted soon…

I assume you’re using Windows OS, correct? Win 7 or Win 10?
Also, can you check this (rather old but still relevant) workaround for whitelisting Brave that another Community member posted and see if this helps resolve the issue (at least temporarily)?

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