Brave Talk opening a small screen

Hi, My Brave Talk link decided today to open at just 1/4 of the full screen.
Couldn’t find the contact link icon to click on and copy to send the link. I restarted both the Brave browser and the laptop. I even signed up for Premium in desperation…same results!
Does someone have any suggestions? I have a MacBook Air with 10.13.6 OS

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Something has broken since Friday. Brave Talk now opens as a ‘ribbon’ along the top of a browser window. The height is that of a video preview box. We’ve tried Brave on Fedora, WinDuhs, MacOS, and Android for the same result. There does not appear to be a way to expand the ‘ribbon’.

Whatever it was (HTML frame, etc) has been fixed or at least reverted. Brave Talk on Android and Fedora Brave browsers is ok now.

Thanks yall, the team is currently investigating.

Thanks, everyone ~ yes, the issue seems to have resolved itself by this evening. Lovely full screen again!

well brave its a sucks platform every months they are just stealing my bats … they give it to us and take it back im moving to Carbon platform much better than brave 1000 time

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