Brave Sync Not Syncing Bookmarks on iPhone

So I downloaded the Brave app for my iphone and it’s not syncing my bookmarks that I have saved on the desktop version. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I really need to bookmark this recipe lol!

@perseycat Thanks for reaching out! Are you seeing any kind of error when sync is not successful?
Could you fill out the template and provide all necessary details in the template, please?


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So it’s syncing. Or at least my computer and my phone are showing that its synced but my bookmarks do not show up at all. I am not sure what you mean about filling out a template? I have tried unclicking bookmarks and clicking it again to see if it would trigger them to pop up but it still doesn’t work.

On my iPhone 7 running iOS 12 .4 (beta) and Brave 1.9.3 (, my bookmarks sync. Here’s what that looks like:

I’d check to be sure it’s turned on in the phone, though you probably already did. And here’s where the settings for Sync are (hamburger menu, tap gear on left, a little over half way down):


I’m not sure why it took forever but the bookmarks synced a day later! Thanks for your help though.