Brave Rewards Disabled despite being enabled and ads not appearing


I have been attempting to receive ads from Brave, but noticed that ads were not appearing.
I have tried every possible fix mention by Brave or community users.

Upon further inspection, when observing the Settings > Brave Rewards tab, I am prompted that “Brave Rewards are Disabled” even though I have them enabled. Furthermore, with them enabled, I am also claiming to receive ads as shown in the provided picture, but I do not see the ads or receive any compensation for them.

Would it be possible to find a fix for the ads appearing, and receiving compensation for them?

Thank you


Here is an image from the Rewards Settings tab.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Just to verify, if you go to brave://settings/rewards , that page shows rewards are turned on?
What region are you in?

Hello, the page brave://settings/rewards shows that it is disabled. However, on the rewards page where I am able to select my ads, it shows it is enabled with 10 ads per hour.

I am also in Canada.

Would you happen to have any idea what the issue would be caused by?

At this point, your best bet is to dm steeven or mattches.

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