Brave Shields Detection

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Description of the issue:
When navigating to ‘’ I get a popup saying I am using an adblocker which must be turned off to continue.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to

Expected result:
Previously no adblocker was detected but as of yesterday I am getting detection.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Android 10

Additional Information:

This is more of a paywall than anti-brave/anti-adblock. @monxster We don’t break paywalls in Brave.

Try adding ||$script, this into brave://adblock

Then refresh

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Try adding the following code to the brave://adblock page under Custom filters:


Make sure you reload the page after clicking Save changes.

Sure the site detects adblockers, which isn’t great by itself. But the same scripts also used for the paywall on the site. My suggestion is to add the filter as a personal/custom filter in brave://adblock. I haven’t ignored anything here.

Optionally subscribe to as a custom list. Which would take care of these type of paywall detection sites.

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@Emi @Mattches I can only mention two people but thanks to Fanboynz too.

Thank you for your replies.

The El Tiempo newspaper here in Colombia has two tiers of content, a free tier whereby you can read a certain number of articles before you hit a paywall, and a subscription tier where you have full access to the site upon a monthly subscription.

In previous iterations of the Brave browser I was able to read the free content of El Tiempo whilst having Brave shields block the multitude of ads the page tries to load otherwise. I was not able to read any of the premium content as a paywall was triggered.

My question was, as @Emi rightly mentioned due to the fact that with the latest releases of the browser I was being met with a popup informing me that an AdBlocker had been detected and that I should subscribe in order to continue. This happened even when viewing the free content that with the shields off was accessible albeit with the extra ads.

I followed your directions and added the custom filter:


and the issue is now resolved, thank you.

Is this something that I need to do in every new install of the browser? I have advised many of my friends to switch to Brave so just want to make sure if I need to recommend they perform the same modification to have unfetterd access to the country’s biggest paper without the popup.

Thanks and all the best from Colombia.

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