Brave settings cleared after system reboot

Hello, I’ve been using Brave browser for more than 3 years and can not change for any other one. It’s been working fine on Windows for a long time, no issues or anything, but when I use it on Linux I always get something not working properly.
Everytime I reboot the system all the configs I applied to the browser are weirdly reseted back to default, when I check the config they are literally set right as I did but I need to toggle them “off/on” to get them back working (like the brave colors, i configure it to be dark, after reboot its all white but the button says ‘dark’ so i need to change it to white then dark again).

Steps to Reproduce: Just restarting the computer.

Brave Version: 1.52.122 Chromium: 114.0.5735.110 (64 bit)

Additional Information: I’m using Linux Mint 21.1

Thank you for reaching out.
Is it all the configuration settings you set in Brave, or is it just the issue with the theme? If just the theme, then this is a known issue that the team is addressing presently:

Forgot to mention, it also happens with bookmarks and websites configurations, but not logins.

So every time you restart your computer, all you bookmarks get deleted? And what website configs are you referring to?

I’ve just noticed layout stuff like simple colors, in twitter and youtube it also happened.

The colors issue is likely related to the same theming issue listed above. Are all your bookmarks are deleted every time you restart your computer?

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