Appearance bug: dark colors are reset to light ones in Classic theme on browser startup

Description of the issue:
Dark colors are reset to light ones in Classic theme on browser startup.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to SettingsAppearance
  2. Set Theme as Classic and Brave colors as Dark. The changes will be applied correctly.
  3. Restart Brave. It will use light colors.

Expected result:
The color theme should stay dark after application restart.

Brave Version:
Version 1.52.126 Chromium: 114.0.5735.133 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
OS: Xubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
Linux kernel: 5.15.0-73-generic

Brave is installed from snapcraft. If I revert it to version 1.51.118 the bug is not reproduced.

This has been reported many times and it was already fixed in Nightly, so they might push the fix to Stable quickly, instead of waiting 2 months for it.

The bug is still observable in version 1.52.129

It will be available in Stable when it will be available in Stable.

Brave Nightly gets updates first, then Stable eventually, it could be days or weeks or months.

You can [should] use brave://flags/#enable-force-dark [anyway]. most websites work perfectly fine with it.

If you need to disable it in some websites you can do a domain.example##:root:style(color-scheme: only light !important;)

You can do it as domain1,domain2,domain3## as well

and you can do it by individual elements too, for example which gives a QR code to scan and add the wifi, it won’t work because the colors get inverted by if you add light only !important; background-color: #fff !important;)

You can force the elemnt to have it. The background is because QR codes need it and the website uses transparency so I decided to force the white in that element.

anyway, you add everything to brave://adblock

You can also switch to Windows, best OS and most stable and with less issues, especially when I make sure Windows doesn’t have many bugs because I use Nightly and report the issues. I don’t see many Linux users doing it, which is the reason why you got this bug on stable in the first place, it could have been caught before, but nobody reported it.

Just FYI
“brave://flags/#enable-force-dark” is not a good solution on Linux Mint 21.1 (Kernel 5.15.0-76-generic). It makes the middle of the web pages dark and seemed to lower the resolution within the browser (not saying that it actually lowered the resolution but some icons/images started looking almost like the 64bit from the old days)

@chknbone then wait for the fix to land on Stable in whatever day, or use Nightly.

Also, brave://flags/#enable-force-dark is fine, I have it enabled, plus I already gave the way to control it with the adblocker.
For example, what mode did you test? If you used the Default, well, that is not good, you have to use:

  • Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion
  • Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements

Which are the only modes that are not going to invert images, and try to be as close as possible to what Developers made in their websites if you switch from Light to Dark. enable-force-dark flag, since it is a native solution, it respects the dark theme on different websites, so if a Website already has a dark theme, the browser will not override anything, of course, with the bug, I have no idea how it does it, and I don’t care, it is NOT my problem.
It works for me, and like I said, I already gave the information how to modify websites and inject CSS code, you could ‘fix’ the problems if you cared about or you could just don’t respond to me with useless information and just wait for the fix.

Of course, I was hoping people who use Linux and pretend to be these all techy people with terminals and commands and having to fix the simplest things with a bunch of nonsense commands, would not to get their hand held by me with the obvious the fact that if a flag has multiple modes, the least people can do is test each mode and see which ones is better in their personal opinion.

You didn’t even provide any screenshot or anything, so your feedback is nothing to me because I don’t care, and probably to everyone else because nobody will know what you are talking about.
If you are take the effort to make an account to talk to me, then at least don’t sound like those people tying to sound smart by saying terms you don’t even know trying to exaggerate the situation.
64bits images is more colors than anyone needs in today’s standard, I have used 32bits images because of 3D compositing art, you know, like the green screen effects you see in 99% of movies today, but 16 bits is still okay in many cases, but 8 bits is still mostly today what most humans need, maybe you mean 4 bits like CGA? or maybe you are talking about consoles and you mean 16 bits like NES consoles which you probably have never really touched in your life? because Processors are also 64bits… so so what is this “64bits old days” even mean?

But again, I really don’t care, like I said, the fix already was made by Brave, and it will be added to Stable someday, if you want it now and you don’t want to wait, then use Nightly, and maybe report Linux bugs the next time because this could have caught if people stopped being lazy and reported the bugs knowing only 3 cats use Linux.

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