Brave sees, but does not download, pdf link (or load it)

At this link:

There is an option to download a couple of pdfs (schedule and timetable). When I do this with Brave I always get “network error.” when I do it with another browser it works:

This is one of many issues I have found but this is the first time I am reporting.

Update app in playstore and close recent apps then try

I tried to visit the site(s) you linked but the nether would load for me – do you have another example I can use to test?

Thanks, but I didn’t say I was using a phone; I’m using a Win 10 computer.

Thanks for actually going to the link. Unfortunately I don’t have another site at the moment. There have been many oddities like this but finally enough was enough and I made my post. I hadn’t kept track of the other locations or problems, thinking that it would sort out.

The thing is, if one can follow the code functioning even at one site one should be able to see the problem. This isn’t something that I can debug.

The website is down:

Can you try finding the BAT whitepaper PDF online and see if you’re able to download it or view it in browser?

Direct link:

No problem to download.

Thank you for testing. So this makes me think that the issue is more with the site/pdf you’re trying to download rather than Brave. I imagine if you were to try and download this dummy PDF file from w3, it would work as well.

I’m trying to test the site you linked to in your original post, but I don’t see where the “Schedule and timetable” options are and if I go to Plan my trip it routes me to Google maps. The PDF link you shared also doesn’t load for me (times out).

I now am also noticing an error message on the site that I hand’t seen before:

This may be the reason you’re having issues downloading/viewing PDFs from that site. Can you try and reproduce the issue when viewing/downloading any other PDF (let me know if you need resources for this as I can find more)?

THANKS…No problem with dummy pdf.

I went to the just url I posted and see that error message also.

I think that I originally posted a higher level link (Translink - Trip Planning) instead of a link arrived at by following the posted link, as suggested by my post: “There is an option to download a couple of pdfs (schedule and timetable).” However, the second link I gave was a “timetable” link with that intended target page:

It also still does not work with Brave and now does not work with (egad!) Chrome or other browsers.

The odd thing is that other browsers did see and download the pdfs at that time but now that is not the case.

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Thanks for confirming. I think it’s a safe bet that this is site specific. If you find other PDF files failing in this same way, please don’t hesitate to reach out again and let us know.

A quick interesting note for the final `punctuation,’ the cause of the offline error:

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Yikes! :grimacing:
Thanks for the follow up! I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or issues w/Brave.