Brave Search Widget

Questons for resolution

Why does Braves search widget when clicked not type text within the widgets visible field in the search widget itself with the ability to edit text in the widget, all Before the app launches to execute and display the search results Finally.
Like the chrome search widget does ???.

Braves normal behaviour is: the widget functions like a ‘homescreen-shortcut’ … why ?
it just opens all the way when clicked being Brave app launching Itself fully
just to type/edit the search text in, and that’s all done before you’ve even typed a word into the widget search field.

Does this defeat the concept of ‘widget’ or is just a lack of coding effort idk??

Should it not function correctly as:

=>(click widget) enter search text into widget search field

=> text is now visible in widget and editable in the widget field

=> (press Enter/Return on keyboard) Search is then executed by app which is then inturn launched fully to display the search results.

Would this not constitute as correct ‘Widget’ feature/behaviour ?

If this request could be honoured im sure it would massively improve Brave widget functionality for the community.

Also another widget issue is:

When viewing a page launched by the widget method, all is viewed fine but if you press back on that page the widget opened, the tab then disappears and closes itself unexpectedly as normal behaviour and without ability to go forward again back onto the same tab/viewed page.

because the tab/page is closed by brave, you lose your already viewed tab/page and position. You can only retrieve what you just viewed/page when you press view via Browser history,
which is a very long route after having no ability to go forward back onto the tab that closed for no good reason.

Again this default behaviour destroys the widgets potential as a viable fully working and implemented feature.

do i need 2 ticket requests here not sure, maybe if someone advises.

Kind Regards folks.