Brave rewards (Zebpay)I have not received my November brave rewards

I have not received my November brave rewards
Version 1.60.125

When you say November rewards, do you mean what you earned in October and should be paid in November? Or what you earned in November and gets paid in December?

If it’s the latter, payout is still ongoing. Track status at Ads Payout Status Update

If you mean the October for November payment, create a support ticket at

I mean my rewards in November is not credited in December

Ok, so that’s still ongoing. Payments begin around the 7th of each month but have been known to take a few days all the way up to a few weeks to finish.

So keep an eye out on the payout status topic I linked. If it ends up showing complete for ZebPay but you didn’t get it, then create a ticket. But do make sure to try to wait for payments to finish first

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Ok, thank you for the information :blush:

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