Not received rewards for November month

My Brave rewards for month of November are not showing in uphold please help. It should have come by 7 December but it doesn’t reflect in account

Wrong. That’s when payment begin, not when they are guaranteed by. Mine actually arrived on December 9, but that’s just me. It fluctuates each month.

In terms of payments, if you pay attention to that large banner that is on the site, which is a global pin, you’d see updates on payouts. You may want to actually read those things. If you dismissed it, won’t appear anymore. So be mindful before dismissing, if you did.

What’s kind of important on that, though, is this:

Notice how it doesn’t say payments are complete? Also then, let’s look at their updates.

Update on Payouts (Dec. 9th 2:30pm CST): After an investigation, we found that some payouts going out in the past few days might be lower than expected, or could be missing for some users. This was due to a data issue on the Brave side.

and then another update on December 14 (today):

Those that have experienced a low or missed payout, we recognize the issue and a resolution is ongoing. Thank you for your patience on this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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