Brave rewards wallet and the UK

I have heard that Gemini has recently removed support for every country but the US. This causes a problem securing Brave rewards in an exchange wallet, as I am not from the US so Gemini is not an option, and Upload is not supported on Android.

There is a caveat that the wallet will continue to work until disconnected, or in my case the browser crashes and manages to clear the cache in the process!

What are my options for securing BAT within a wallet and not just holding in my phone’s browser indefinitely.

Are you sure Uphold is not supported in Android?

As far as I know, the only issue that existed in the past with Android was that there was a clash with the Uphold app. By uninstalling the app, it was possible to connect the browser.
But I have not heard from this issue for a long time. I suppose it might have been solved.

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