Brave Rewards Setting Missing

After update brave to version V1.1.0, my brave rewards setting is missing. Please help!

cc @gsarvadnya @sriram on this.

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Same problem in my brave app.

brave rewards missing …

@tsoyens I guess your device might be rooted device. Could you check SaftyNet check? If check fails you will not be able to enable rewards.


no my smartphone is not rooted i update brave apps try ro clear data after that brave rewards is lost

@tsoyens Thanks for the info. Can you please let us know whether your device processor is x86 or ARM?


This result of my device


From the screenshot it looks like you are on a tablet which could be on x86. You can verify the architecture by checking the processor type with this app Droid Hardware Info. If it shows up as x86 then unfortunately rewards isn’t supported on it even if it passes safety net check.


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