Brave rewards not supported on your device [j7-pro]

I dont remember everything exactly, as the bat icon disappeared, and I cant repeat.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):
install brave update
tap bat icon
receive error, ‘brave rewards is not supported on your device’
and bat icon disappears.

Expected result:
ability to set up brave rewards

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):
Mobile Device details
samsung j7-pro
Android/iOS Version
android 8.1.0
samsung experience: 9.5
(singapore version of stock rom)

@aaronwi Please check SafetyNet check. If it fails, rewards will not be available on a rooted device.


After the update everthing works for me. Tks guy for the post

not rooted, but I guess I improperly flashed stock, and safetynet partially fails the check

I am having the same issue on a xiaomi redmi5 pro, my phone is not rooted but I cannot pass the safety net scan because of my cts profile? root_checker root_checker

Has anyone successfully resolved this? I am seeing a ton of old threads about the same topic that have all been closed

yeah, I get the same, cts profile failed. I’m thinking it’s because either I removed some system apps via adb or flashed part of the wrong stock… any ideas?

@aaronwi @EO0130 Rewards is not enabled, eventhough device has passed the rooted device check? Can you please let us know whether your Android device processor is x86 or ARM?


Not sure tbh

@gsarvadnya see attached @EO0130 try cpu-z
Screenshot_20190714-085226_CPU-Z Screenshot_20190714-085234_CPU-Z

Mine is 8x ARM

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