BAT icon not showing

The icon of Bat from the top right side of my browser getting disappeared and showing that " We are sorry it appears brave rewards is not available on your device "
Why the dialog box is showing and Is there any solution to this problem?

Did you have a rooted device? Brave Rewards is unavailable for rooted device.

If not, maybe your device is failing SafetyNet check, which is required in order to enable Rewards. There’s no workaround for now.

No, my device is not rooted

Then this one @Mihir :point_up:

I am having the same issue. I have a LG V40. It isn’t rooted and yet it failed the SafetyNet check, though I don’t understand why it did so.

What is the specific reason that a rooted phone isn’t able to participate in the Brave Rewards?

Why does SafetyNet impact being able to participate? If this has been discussed in another thread, I apologize.


SafetyNet is required to check the device integrity @bigt2000. It may change in the future.

Did you have a custom rom?


Nope. The phone is unlocked, and I checked the build (PKQ1.190202.001).

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