Brave rewards not connecting to uphold

I have tried to connect uphold to brave rewards. I can see on Uphold that there is a connection but the browser keeps asking for the connection. I have tried multiple times, but it doesn’t work. Closing the browser multiple times and delete the connection and try over.

I hope to hear from you

@Royka I’m a little confused here. When you go to connect to Uphold via Rewards, do you get any particular messages or does it connect and show you connected? I’m trying to understand exactly what you see and what is happening when you say connecting doesn’t work. For example

  • Do you get the message saying it is processing and to try again later?

  • Does it connect but then lose the connection?

  • Does it remain connected (logged in) but you’re seeing some message at brave://rewards-internals that has you concerned?

As much detail as you can provide is helpful. Also be sure to help us by letting us know:

  1. What version of Brave are you using? (please provide exact version number)

  2. Which OS you’re on?

I did get a message from Uphold and I can see in the Uphold app that they made a connection with brave browser. But in the browser it is not connected and asks to connect with one of the partner platforms. See screenshot.

I am on Android and the app version is 1.63.169

Yes,. but what happens if you go to connect?

Typically what happens is we connect the first time to establish the integration. Then it randomly will disconnect us around every 90 days, give or take. It still would be connected to Uphold and we’d be earning, however we won’t see our balance and it would display the message as you’ve shown. So this is to be expected.

What I fail to understand from you is if you’re unable to login/connect right now? And are you saying even if you go through the process, that screen never changes?

Other thing to keep in mind is the whole login process has to take place in the browser. If it switches to the Uphold app when you try to login, that’s going to be an issue where it’s not going to login on the Rewards and will continue to show you the screen in the screenshot.

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