Brave Rewards Internals - documentation

Is there any documentation anywhere (maybe Github) that explains the messages (error/info/etc.) in the brave://rewards-internals log (verbose)?

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This I would like to know too, after discovering this feature I have what feels like more errors than not in my logs.

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Hey @rosiecar !

Thanks so much for your question. Unfortunately, due to the nature and sensitivity around this information, at this time we only have documentation available for internal developers.

Hope that helped explain!



What about for those who submit their logs on your website and DM mods with their case numbers? Do we get results back or only if something is wrong?

Not really. If Brave is going to display all of those messages to the user, it would be prudent to have some sort of user-oriented documentation to explain what’s going on, especially for error messages. Otherwise, you will have an explosion of questions in the forums from users demanding answers. Better to be up front and explain. It would also be a good way to encourage tech-savvy users to help with trouble-shooting, bug-squashing, and perhaps even some development.


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