"Brave Rewards" in unsupported country

I read that “Brave Rewards” function in Ukraine is no longer supported.

Does it make sense to leave the “Brave Rewards” function enabled? (For example, if the function becomes available again in Ukraine — Maybe a number of BAT will accumulate during this time?) Because I don’t see the ads, but maybe BAT it’s charged because of the “Brave Rewards” function turned on?

Ukraine isn’t listed as a country that has any ads available according to https://brave.com/transparency/ . If they have no ad campaigns, then you wouldn’t be able to see ads. If you aren’t seeing any ads, then Rewards does nothing.

You could leave it on just in case the country starts getting ad campaigns again here in the future. But I guess in your situation there is no harm or benefit to having it enabled.

That said, if ever they get ad campaigns in your area again, it could be a way to support Brave and some of the Creators. Just as long as you realize you won’t have any control over where BAT goes and no tracking to even know how much earned unless you’re able to be connected to a custodial partner or they allow you to do self custody Rewards on Solana

This is not the case. You can only earn while connected. So if not supported and can’t connect, then you wouldn’t be able to earn.

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