I can`t receive Brave Rewards. Ukraine

I can`t receive Brave Rewards. I am from Ukraine.
In the list of unsupported countries is:

  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Russia
    I know that I can`t verificate by Uphold and other, but why my region is unsupported?
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Hi @Nekrot1k thanks for sharing the above.

Could you kindly share the following below and we can troubleshoot what might be happening.

  1. What version OS/device are you using?
  2. What is your system locale?


I am using Brave only on my PC with Windows 11.
My system locale language is Russian

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@Nekrot1k What is your question? If you are using Release version of Brave, you should still be able to participate in Rewards. However, as you stated, Ukraine is not supported at this time by Uphold and others. This notice went out a while ago, which you can see at Important: Uphold no longer supporting countries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Balkans region

You also would see Ukraine is not on the list of supported countries at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469

When you are saying you can’t get Rewards, which are you referencing? Also, can you say which version of Brave you’re using?

I have the same issue. Im located in Ukraine and unable to participate in Rewards.
If you need straight question- Why I can’t participate in Rewards?
Version 1.47.171

have the same issue.

i have the same issue i use 1.47.186 version of brave on my pc i use english language and also added russia and ukraine in general list oa languages

the message tells that my region is russia but me region is west ukraine, khmelnitsky

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