Brave Rewards icon is missing from the top bar

Description of the issue: The BAT icon from my topbar just disappeared. As far as I know, it should be there right next to the Brave Shield icon.

Expected result: The icon and its content (Brave Rewards) should be there.

Brave Version: 1.18.77

Additional Information: I’m new to Brave, but I think (from YT videos and more) that next to the URL field and Brave Shield icon, there should be the Brave Rewards icon as well to check the website’s reward-status which I’m currently on. Now, I can’t tell from any website, if its a verified Brave Partner or not, because my icon is missing from its location. Maybe I accidentally turned off the icon somewhere?

Thank you for your support!

Check “Hide BAT icon…” or something like that in settings.

Yeah, thanks. I accidentally disabled the BAT icon.
The thread could be closed. Thanks!

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