Brave rewards have stopped working for me for 2 months


I have not been receiving any ads or brave rewards for 2 months now. I am not sure why they have stopped working. My browser is connected to my uphold wallet and it was working before. Please can an admin help me with this? Thank you.

Hello, can an admin help me with this please?

Hi, I’m still not receiving brave rewards or ads. Can anyone help with this at all?

Same issue for everyone

I think my problem has been happening for much longer. When did your brave rewards stop working?

I barely received any ads last week but today i got many ads

I haven’t been getting ads for 2 months… Wonder where the admins are to help me with this issue?

Same here! :frowning: Can an admin help us?

Turns out my brave browser was not updated to the most recent update. DAMN!! I’m receiving ads now.

Same problem here! stopped working yesterday.

Same Problem over here! Stopped working a few months ago although my browser was always up to date. Still not working even after the last update… even tried turning off the ads and then turning them back on again. It still doesnt show any ads… Need some help please

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