My brave ads stop working

I don’t know why in the last week my brave rewards stop working. My BAT rewards for november also hasn’t arrived yet. can anybody help me to solve this issue?

Your wallet probably got flagged, try reaching out to @steeven for support, he can unflag your wallet so it can resume earning adds. this was a problem that affected a lot of users including me so don’t think its a problem on your side. fortunately support fixed it and things are working normally for now. Just know that it could take a while before support reaches you so if you don’t get reached to just keep trying…


today i try to reseting my brave rewards through clear browsing data. and it’s working to normal again. thanks for the reply

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Good to know. I recommend to NOT uninstall and reinstall browser because you can only link 4 browsers to uphold or gemini, and when you do a reinstall of the browser and link it to the exchange you use up another of the 4 slots available. there is no solution to this yet that i am aware of.

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