Brave rewards for users and creators in India

The Brave browser is a popular web browser that aims to provide users with a faster and more secure browsing experience. However, in India, the browser faced a significant setback when the company implemented a policy that prevented users from verifying their accounts and withdrawing their Basic Attention Token (BAT). This policy change led to the death of Brave browser in India, as many users were no longer able to use the browser effectively.

The Brave browser uses a unique token-based system called BAT, which rewards users for viewing advertisements and browsing the web. Users can earn BAT by using the browser, and then use it to support their favorite websites or content creators. However, in order to withdraw these earned tokens, users must first verify their account.

In India, Brave browser made the decision to stop users from verifying their accounts, citing concerns over compliance with Indian regulations. This meant that Indian users were no longer able to withdraw their earned BAT, making the browser less appealing to use.

As a result, the death of Brave browser in India was inevitable. Many users were disappointed with the policy change and chose to switch to other browsers that offered similar features and benefits. The lack of ability to withdraw earned BAT made the browser less valuable to use and many users did not see the point in continuing to use it.

In conclusion, the death of Brave browser in India was caused by the company’s decision to prevent users from verifying their accounts and withdrawing their earned BAT. This policy change made the browser less appealing to use and ultimately led to a significant decline in its popularity among Indian users.

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Do you really believe your own lies? This move is openly screwing thousands (if not tens of thousands) of users. They don’t even hide it: every single active user in unsupported countries will loose 100% of their accrued balance.

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First off, people can tip that balance if they wish. There’s no “losing” it.

Secondly, and more important, that’s not until April at the earliest. Chances are, countries will be restored by then.

It’s not a lie. It’s facts. People ran their mouths on that a while back, saying the same thing for Brazil and all. But then what happened?

Unfortunately, too many people are here trying to spread FUD.

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Good to share opinions, but don’t forget rules.

You can share opinions without throwing out insults or using vulgar language.

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Abusing your mod powers to hide posts you do not like? Classic jerk move.

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@talgeeze Again, what’s rules say?

No name-calling, right? also no ad hominem attacks. List goes on.

In each of yours that is flagged, you were name-calling and attacking me rather than attacking the argument.

Like I said, you’re good to share that you don’t like the changes and that you have concerns about whether Users might be losing BAT based on what’s been shared. It’s valid to be concerned knowing that they are saying around April (at the earliest) anyone who has been unable to connect to a custodial partner will lose vBAT. All of that is legitimate.

Calling someone a disgrace, using sexual euphemisms, etc ARE NOT appropriate and are violations of the Terms of Brave Community.

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You have zero lessons to give. You gave zero care to the concerns people raised by dismissing everything as FUD. You don’t care about the welfare of this community, you only care about your status.

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