Issue with brave browser to receive rewards

Currently, I have 7Bat in my browser and have not been able to receive any ads for 2-3 months. Now the browser is asking me to re-install the latest version to receive the ads in my location (India).

If I install the latest browser from the Brave website, do I lose the existing BAT in my current browser? If yes, how can I hold them back without losing them?

@Saoiray @Mattches

Since the last 5 months, I’ve been unable to receive any tips to my creator account, and I couldn’t see the tips I received over the last couple of years.

Now, the browser isn’t receiving any ads in our location. It will be very helpful if we receive any updates on these things:

  1. When the creator accounts can be reactivated and we can see our pending payments and the balance we had
  2. When the Indian users get the ads in their browsers

We have been waiting for quite some time, but increasingly, I’m losing hope in getting back the rewards on using the application like earlier.


@Rohit552 I moved both of your topics over together as they have the same answer. The reason for this is because India isn’t supported. It’s been announced many times. I even have a topic open where you can track the status over at PSA: Unsupported Region

Official announcements look a bit as you can see below:

It sounds bad but until Brave gets a new custodial partner or Uphold allows connections again, you’re kind of out of luck. They have been trying to make progress, but things aren’t going as well as you might wish.

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Why is Brave preventing people from India from linking their accounts from Gemini or Uphold to Brave Rewards?


Brave is preventing people from India from linking their accounts from Gemini or Uphold to Brave Rewards because of regulatory uncertainty in the country. In 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) banned all cryptocurrency transactions in India. The ban was later lifted in 2020, but there is still some uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrency in India.

Brave is a company that is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. As such, they have decided to prevent people from India from linking their accounts from Gemini or Uphold to Brave Rewards until the regulatory environment in India becomes more clear.

Brave has stated that they are working with the Indian government to clarify the regulatory status of cryptocurrency in India. Once the regulatory environment becomes more clear, Brave will reconsider its decision to prevent people from India from linking their accounts from Gemini or Uphold to Brave Rewards.

@saoiray they mention not seeing any ads altogether. @Rohit552 you need to update Brave as stated in your brave installation. As for Creators and Brave rewards payments, the answer is already explained by Saoiray.
Rohit, you could turn off brave rewards until India is supported again, so as not to see Brave ads till you aren’t able to essentially earn from them.

Well, doesn’t matter ?
Anyways the vBAT will expire somewhere this month, so doesn’t matter even if you lose it in installing latest Brave (Not intended to lose BATs and most likely won’t happen), just saying!

Only if you uninstall the current browser. But like if you get Brave Nightly or something, you could do that.

It wouldn’t be asking you to reinstall. It just would be telling you that you need to update the browser. If you aren’t getting it updates, then it would stop showing ads and lose a lot of functionality.

@SmartyAadi really should stop saying that. They said this month at the earliest. But they also promised to give us notice ahead of time before it happens. Seeing as we’re at the final week for April, it’s seeming like vBAT not going away this month. No idea when they will be completing the sunsetting of vBAT, but we just have to wait for the official announcements.


Thanks for your reply @SmartyAadi @Saoiray. I hope we have good days.

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