Brave rewards are temporarily unavailable

Hi, i deleted the the browser by mistake and i download it again. i was going to activate the rewards but i received this message.

(Brave Rewards payouts are temporarily unavailable on this device. Transfer your existing wallet funds to a desktop wallet to keep your tokens.)

It may be a System Maintenance message while they make some changes, you could indicate when this Error appears, Try again in a few hours, if the Error continues, Comment in this same article so that a moderator can find you a solution.

Hello @Nasser_974,

Sadly Brave no longer able to provide it’s Rewards system to iOS users. See announcement here

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I also receive the same message on my iPad but it occurred 30mins ago when I updated my browser
That’s why I came here to check if anyone has the solution to that and the previous update was unable to claim tokens

I just got the same. Good motivation for me to move away from the Apple eco-system. They want to control everything, even your browser behaviour. I swear if they could reach in and control your mind they would do that too.

Such a pity because the phone is actually pretty sleek, sturdy and nice to use :frowning: but the philosophy of Brave is much better a worth a little bit of loyalty considering how fast it is and its safety and privacy features.

You never know, maybe Apple will come to its sense at some point in the future. Wouldn’t count on it though…

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