Payouts are temporary unavailable on this device?

In my rewards I says my rewards are temporary unavailable on this device. Can someone explain how I can get it available on my iPhone 12 pro max?


That’s because Brave Rewards aren’t able to pay out to user on iPhone and all. We can still see ads which will then go towards supporting content creators and Brave itself, but we’re not allowed under Apple terms to receive anything for ourselves.

You can turn off Rewards if you no longer want to see reward notifications and you’ll still have the app for what it has to offer, but that’s up to you. Right now, the offerings for iPhone is kind of restrictive. The sync feature doesn’t work well with other devices, password management isn’t an option, adblock works but sucks in comparison to Android and Windows versions, and we can’t get BAT. That said, I’m still using it on my iPhone because I like it, but at least I’m being upfront with you on the overall status for iOS.

Thanks for the replay and that sucks for us Iphone users.

Yeah, it does. I’m on iPhone now too and been disappointed. Not only by not being able to get BAT on it, but also the lack of features in comparison. I still have been liking it better than Safari and all, but not sure if I’ll end up transitioning to a different browser on it IF they can’t get some of this stuff available to iOS soon. Rewards aren’t a big deal, but having crappier adblock, not having sync working right, etc can be a pretty big deal. Also not liking how can’t access saved passwords on it.

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