Brave reward schedule notification

When signing up for Brave Rewards, there was NO notification that the rewards would only appear on the 5th of every month. This should be up front and center as it is not apparent and leads many people to feel like Brave is scamming them by promising to pay them for ads, then showing them ads and giving them nothing – especially since the majority of people switched to Brave to get away from the tracking and ads int he first place! Trying to find this information from my Android phone, and spending the time tonavigate to the Community, then having to dig for 10-15 minutes to find the answer is something that 99% of people will not do. This information should be the first item on the FAQ menu. Otherwise Brave looks shady.

Hi @DDC,

Thanks for taking the time to post and to relay your feedback!

I will pass this along to the team.

Thanks again!