Brave removed for android 4.4.4 i brave retirado para andrid 4.4.4

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Description of the problem:
Brave is no longer available in Android 4.4.4 play store, it was removed and we will no longer receive upgrade updates
** How can this problem be reproduced? **

  1. Future Failures in the latest Apk released for Android 4.4.4
  2. It may disappear for old phones
  3. Security and instability problems in the application

Expected result:
That the development of Brave for Android 4.4.4 be restored and it is returned in the play store with constant update

** Brave version (check About Brave): **
** Mobile device details **
Samsung brand
Model: SM-T113NU
Additional Information:
The app reports the following “Cannot update Brave” (This Android version is not supported)

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Yes, I ran into the same problem. I have an Android 4.4.2 . I just can’t claim my awards. It just shows the number of BAT, and the browser closes with an error! Of course, I understand that supporting this version of Android is disadvantageous … but I was hoping that with a wallet check I’ll be able to save a “wallet backup”.

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