Brave Problems on IOS

Description of the issue: I can’t press on anything like links and such until I scroll down a full screen length.
How can this issue be reproduced?

I just install the app, don’t mess with any settings at all, and search anything.

Something to note is it only happens when having the Brave search engine selected, if I select any other the problem is gone.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Any version of the browser on IOS 14, 15, and 16.

Things I’ve tried

  1. Trying with and without shields on all of its different settings

  2. Disabling 3rd party VPNs/AdBlockers including the ones in Brave

  3. Different devices on different IOS versions

  4. Installing different versions of Brave

  5. And of course the obvious like restarting the devices etc.

Additional Information: I don’t know of any better ways to explain it but just in case the description made no sense, after I search I cant press on anything on the screen until I scroll down the full length of the screen. So for example if there’s a Youtube link at the very bottom of my screen I cant press it or anything above it, but I can select anything below if I scroll.

Does this happen on all websites or just certain ones?

This might be a partial answer to what I asked just before. But are you saying the issue is only happening when you do a search or are you saying that regardless of which website you visit this issue will happen, but only if you have Brave Search as your default search engine?

This is more of my own curiosity, but any reason why you’re not updating any of those devices? Current iOS is 17.4. I just find it interesting that all iOS you tested on are older and none are on most recent.

Honestly, it helps a bit to know which exact versions you’re using. I know we should assume it’s the most recent version from the App Store, but after going through big cycles of troubleshooting only to find out people didn’t update or were intentionally using older versions, I’ve learned never to assume and to try to get people to share exact version numbers.

One thing I don’t see…can you try in private browsing?

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