Brave no longer works in MacOS Yosemite 10.10.5

Hmm… I don’t have Yosemite but can you try 1.19.49?

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Thanks, v1.19.49 works in Yosemite so hopefully is stable…

Much appreciate your help.
warm regards, Cris
Thursday, 2021/01/28 1246

ps. As previously noted:
“Brave desperately needs an OS Technical Support page listing the OS versions supported by [each] update to avoid such problems. It also needs to list the Brave version on the download page.”

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Thanks, themadprogramer,

How do I revert the Brave 1.19.49 web pages to standard black text on white background rather than the unfortunately difficult-to-read white-on-black background which seems to be its new standard?

Unfortunately, themadprogramer, when I quit and then reload the Brave Browser, it updates itself with the latest version, today, and then again reports that:

  • "You can’t use this version of the application “Brave” with this version of OS X.
  • “You have OS X 10.10.5. The application requires OS X 10.11 or later.”

So please give me the URL of a stable, non auto-updating version of Brave that does still run on Yosemite. Preferably a link to the version before the latest update which eliminated Yosemite support without even mentioning it!

Much appreciate all your help.

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@CrisBCT why do you use such an old version of macOS? Upgrade if you can. BigSur is great system.

Good question, macfanol.

MacOS 10.11 removed support for a vital application which I’ve used for years and which would involve enormous effort to replace, if it were even possible. Not to mention the history which is actually irreplacable.

As a result I’m sticking with Yosemite. Eliminating support for an OS is done far too casually and doing it without even mentioning it shows very regrettable contempt for long time Mac Users…

whats the name of that vital app if I may ask?

How is the name of that application relevant in any shape or form?

Please give me the URL of a stable, non auto-updating version of Brave that does still run on Yosemite. Preferably a link to the version before the latest update in January which eliminated Yosemite support without even mentioning it!

Id give you one if I was on Yosemite. My iMac has always been on BigSur, so havent got a chance to try other ( = earlier ) OS versions.
I installed Brave via Mac selector.

As of app name: I asked just out of curiosity. Im curious.

It’s irrelevant if you’re on Yosemite or Big Sur. If you give me the URL of the previous stable version of Brave, that release ran on Yosemite and is all I need…

I much appreciate your help, your cooperation in this very important matter.

Thats the problem: I showed you how I installed Brave just to justify to yuou that I dont know direct links and I dont alsoi know if there is Brave version that supports macOS that old.

I can confirm that the previous release indeed supported Yosemite, it was the current release a couple of weeks ago. That’s why I’m asking for its URL.
Doesn’t Brave keep a history list of previous versions? I just need the URL of the previous one before it was updated in January 2021 a couple of weeks ago. That’s NOT that long ago…

You can check their releases on GitHub directly. Maybe there you find the version you are looking for…

Thanks a million, macfanol.

That link contains the previous releases. It was Release v1.18.78 which used to work in Yosemite and having reinstalled it, it’s now working again.

Much appreciate your help, problem now solved.


Hi, that release works, but when I quit Brave, it automatically updates Brave to the latest non-Yosemite version which then doesn’t work.

How do I stop it auto-updating without it asking me first?

Have a look here.

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Thanks so much sphyber,

Brave no longer auto-updates and is working again on Yosemite. problem solved.

What a topic! You could easily split this into three or four threads. Bookmarking this for later.

there’s already 4 different threads for this topic… :neutral_face:

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