Brave Integration not visible on my uphold

Hi, So ive had my brave browser linked to my uphold wallet for quite a while. I usually relink my brave wallet every few months. However this past month i tried to relink my brave browser to my uphold account and i was having trouble doing so. I ended up accidently removing the brave plug in from my uphold account (integrations tab) thinking that i would be able to restore the plug in. Now i dont see the brave plug in on my uphold. I tried to relink my brave browser to uphold but i am having a hard time doing so. Wondering how i can restore the brave plug in under the integrations tab on my uphold account. Any suggestions? Thanks!

What error do you get when attempting to connect your Brave Rewards profile to Uphold? You’ll need to use the Connect option in your Rewards widget.

Thank you

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Im having the same issue please let me know if you figure this out !