Brave in Flathub beta (but... your opinion)

The Brave flatpak is disponible in Flathub Beta.

But, I see this note :" This package is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by Brave Software".

Can we trust this Brave version?

Thank-you for your opinion and advice.

While it is ultimately up to you, we highly recommend only using official sources to download/install Brave.

You can download the Beta from our official website here.

Or you can use our Github.

Thanks for your answer Mattches.

The distribution we use is immutable and is mainly dedicated to Flatpak packages.
It is not intended to change its repositories.
A good or a bad thing? This is the choice made for the job.

Other PCs are with Debian and it is then possible to modify the source-list to add new channels (although it is not advised).

It might be easier for Brave to maintain Flatpak and Snap than RPM or DEB.
The source code seems to be dedicated to developers and power users.

Flatpak allows us to install without root rights.
The sandbox system gives us an additional security.

Translated with (free version)

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