Brave has a Black Strip at bottom in Full view

Brave has a Black Strip at bottom in Full view and clicking on that Black section actually switches the window. It seems that Brave has not fully expanded and somehow that part of UI is corrupted or not getting updated.
Not sure how to explain but could attach a snapshot if it helps. I have JIRA opened in other tabs.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


@santoshthankachan Welocome to community. Thanks for reaching out! Did you change any settings in the browser?. Are you trying to view browser in full view by pressing F11? when did you see black strips at the bottom in full view.

Can you provide the STR? If you’re able to reproduce the issue consistently.


This issue got resolved somehow once I installed the pending Windows 10 updates and restarted the laptop. Hope it does not reoccur again. If it does I will share the findings.
This issue can be closed now.

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