Brave: Google Search, image pop up / preview / lightbox. Doesn't work

Hi to all,

Hope somebody can help me out. I’ve searched in the history topics, but couldn’t find the solution.

System: Desktop (windows 10)

Problem: In the past, when I searched images on google and clicked on a particular image. It would open as a preview. So you didn’t go immediately to the website. At the moment nothing is happening when I click on an image. Only If i click on the link beneath the image, I get forwarded to the image website.

Why, tell me why. Isn’t the preview working? And what is the solution:).

Hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!

@user1990 what is your Brave version?

Thanks for your reply @eljuno
Version 0.67.123

Are you refering to this?

Yes. Indeed I’m referring to this.
Clicking on any image in the overview won’t open a preview window, as in your screenshot.
Any tips?!

Not sure if I’m doing this right, but.

This is exactly what isn’t working. Clicking on one of the results won’t open a preview.


  1. I search images on Google
  2. Images are found
  3. I can’t click on a image to enlarge and turn into preview

Does it work in private mode?

Does it work with sheilds down?

Same thing occur in Brave Beta? (I was testing in Brave Release btw)

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